Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short Motherboard Problem Solution

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short phone Problem Repair tested Solution.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short or Dead phone or short way Problem Repair Solution.

What is the short or short problem?

Short problem is the greatest and common problem for the mobile device to all of the users. This short does not mean to get smaller. it is a hardware problem for electronics device like a mobile phone. We face many kinds of problem when the device gets short. The device does not work properly. The phone/device works slowly. The battery gets low fast. The device gets hotter. 2G or 3G network coverage does not work strongly. The device switching off automatically. No one wants this problem because it is very unwanted to all. It is a different experience of using the electronic device. But you can solve the problem by taking some necessary and important steps.  If you want to use problem free, you will have to take those steps as soon as possible.
Follow my instruction and enjoy the easy life.

What does happen short or dead phone problem?

  • Mainly faulty or damaged capacitor happen short problem.
  • Wet dust or rush happens the problem.
  • Weather or wet place this unwanted problem.
  • Oil or lube is responsible for this.
  • The charging port happens dead phone problem.
  • Faulty display or parts can happen short.
  • Electric Short circuit can happen short or dead device problem suddenly.

Hardware Solution: Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short Motherboard Problem Solution


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How to solve short or dead phone Problem?

  • If a mobile device gets fully short of overvoltage or charger
  • At first, disassemble the phone or device.
  • Clean whole board with 100% pure cleaner.
  • Apply hot air on the board carefully.
  • Remove capacitor/PF from the motherboard.
  • You can change IC if possible.
  • Assemble the device and enjoy problem free.

Warning! This is a tested solution by our expert team. Your device can be dead or damaged accidentally.
So be careful. We are not responsible for any kind of occurrence.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short Problem Repair Tested Solution

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Dead Short Motherboard Short Problem Solve

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