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Samsung SM-J701F Auto Handsfree Mode Logo Problem Solution

Samsung SM-J701F Auto Handsfree Mode Logo Problem Solution.

Samsung SM-J701F Auto Handsfree Mode or Ear Phone Mode Problem Solution.

What a boring problem this is!

You notice a headphone symbol on your phone or device display when you do not connect a headphone or earphone device then it is very unwanted. It is very boring because you can not listen to the voice of others in this situation. You can not listen to songs or audios also. We can use our device anytime but this problem makes your device useless. Faulty headphone port happens this problem normally. Faulty headphone IC can happen also. it is very hard to find the root cause out.But by taking some common step we can solve this problem.
If you use your phone or device smoothly, you will have to solve this problem immediately. So avoid non-band phone/device & headphone/earphone to get rid of this problem. Enjoy your problem free life.


  • The device shows headphone symbol.
  • Can not hear the voice of others.
  • Can not listen to songs & audios.
  • Silent mode when came a phone call.
  • Reminder tone does not play.
  • All of the ringtone does not play.
  • We feel boring using the device.

Hardware Solution Below: Samsung SM-J701F Auto Handsfree

Samsung SM-J701F Auto Handsfree Mode Logo Problem Solution


Reasons for the problem

  • Dust or rush happens the problem.
  • Rainwater or drops of mineral water.
  • Faulty headphone port or connector.
  • old or faulty headphone.
  • oil or lube is responsible.
  • Damaged test points happen the problem.

Repair ways for Samsung SM-J701F Auto Handsfree/headphone problem:

  • Check the port & try a new headphone.
  • Check the Profile or Sound settings.
  • Carefully check the headphone port and connector.
  • if you see dust or rush then clean it with pure cleaner.
  • Check and replace the audio IC’s of the device.
  • Replace or repair Earpiece speaker.
  • For headphone mode or ear Phone mode Problem Solution,
  • check the filter coil and apply the jumper from the motherboard.
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