Samsung Galaxy G530H USB Charging Problem Ways Solution

Samsung Galaxy G530H USB Charging problem or charging jumper ways solution.

Samsung Galaxy G530H USB Charging Not Charging ways or not charging problem or USB charging ways or Charging Jumper solution.

What is the importance of charging ways or charging system

The mobile phone is a common device at present all over the world. A mobile phone is the greatest communication system in our everyday life. We can imagine not a single day without telecommunication. it is an electronic device also. A battery supplies the necessary power to the mobile phone. Every mobile phone has a rechargeable battery. Battery needs to be fully charged for using the device named mobile phone. Every mobile phone has a charging point also. We can give charge to the device by inserting a charger into the charging point.

We need to do this every day to keep a mobile phone user or better performance. But charging ways can be damaged at any time. Charging problem is an unwanted problem to all of the mobile phone users.The mobile phone is useless without charge. Without solving this problem we can not use the mobile phone. So we will have to solve this problem at any cost.

I am showing you some of the charging problems below.


  • 01. You’ll see a notification ” Not Charging “
  • 02.  By inserting a charger pin, you’ll not see charging symbol.
  • 03. The mobile phone can show “Bad Charger Connected” or ” Charger Error”.
  • 04. The Phone will be switched off within few minutes.
  • 05. The mobile phone will not be fully charged after one or two hours.
  • 06. Mobile phone shows fully charged but after few minutes it shows the low battery.

Hardware Solution: Samsung Galaxy G530H USB Charging

Samsung Galaxy G530H USB Charging Problem Ways Solution

Several reasons for charging problem or charging ways problem.

  • 01. Charging problem can happen for the reason of bad or faulty charger.
  • 02. Water or oil can damage charging point or charging way.
  • 03. Highly pressure can disassemble the charging port.
  • 04. Faulty Charging IC can happen this problem.
  • 05. Charging way print can be damaged & happened charging problem.
  • 07. Dust can happen this problem by damaging charging port connector.
  • charging problem can happen from the electric short circuit.

Hardware Solution of charging problems.

  • 01. Switch your mobile phone off.
  • 02. Disassemble your phone carefully.
  • 03. Clean around the charging port with 100% pure cleaner.
  • 04. Apply hot air carefully on the motherboard.
  • 05. after few minutes insert a charger & test charging process.
  • 06.  You can change charging parts.
  • 07. check your changing ways.
  • 08. You can repair damaged ways by changing charging IC.

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