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Samsung G532F Usb Charging Problem jumper Solution

Samsung G532F Charging  Ways Jumper Solution. Samsung G532F Insert Sim Card IC Jumper solution Problem Face
Solution Not Working Sim Card Not Valid Here Full Tested Solution. … Sim Card Not detect Any Sim
Card Being Insatet This solution Show The Full Component Paths Or Connection Track Of The Nokia Sim Circuit
Insert Sim Pin Connector Through To Sim Filter Ic Part Of The Main Chip Solder Ball Bumps


Reasons For Problem

This Issue Might Also Be due to sim card iC

It might be due to faulty Restens Capacitor If Any of Faulty Then Will after your overall
sim card function

It might be due to dust on SIM pocket contacts.


Samsung G532F


Samsung G532F Charging Ways Hardware Problem Solve

Clean Sim Jacket And Chack Contact Line
Check All Component & All Capacitor With of a Multimeter, it any of them is faulty Replace it
Check All track from sim card jacket connector a multimeter. any faulty make a jumper


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