Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Shot Problem Solution

Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Jumper Ways Solution.

Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Solution or Touch Problem or Touch Screen Jumper Ways Solution.


The Great Invention of Touch Screen Technology.

We are living in the age of science. it is called modern science. The world is going ahead day by day.
Touchscreen technology is the best technology at present day. Everybody uses touch screen phone or device now. Because it is very easy and comfortable to use a device of touch screen technology. But we have to handle the device very carefully. It is very sensitive this. Touch can be broken at any time, anywhere for high pressure.
Touch does not work for the problem of touch ways sometimes. So be conscious using the touch device in our everyday life. Take necessary steps if your touch or touch device works properly.

  • Reans of damaging the touch
  • Available of water or dust or rush.
  • Drops of rainwater.
  • wet environment or moisturize weather.
  • Drops of oil or liquid thing.
  • Highly pressure.
  • Falls from the higher place.
  • Children’s careless handling.
  • Disassembling the device of unexpert person.
  • Faulty touch.
  • Faulty IC.

Hardware Below-Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen


Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Shot Problem Solution


Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Failure Solution or Touch Problem Solution.

Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Solution Touch Screen Jumper Ways Touch Solution Touch Screen Jumper Ways.

The solution showed below/above.

Actually, the touch accelerometer chip that used to sense orientation or detect the direction in the multi-access direction of the touch Plate module of a touch device.  If the chip has been damaged the touch screen will not work and remains unresponsive at all.  This chip needs the DC supply voltage of 2.78 volts in this designed on …. and also.  The 2.78 Dc volts is also fed and smoothly supply the touch plate module always. You have to check this supply voltage fast before trying to rework or good performance.  Re-ball or replacing the touch accelerometer chip or make a jumper from the test point of touch ways.

Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Ways Jumper Tested Solution

Samsung G313HZ Touch Screen Not Work Problem Ways Jumper Tested Solution

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