Samsung A300H Display Light Ways Backlight Jumper

Samsung A300H Display/LCD Light Problem Jumper solution manually by jumper

Samsung A300H White Display or Blank LCD Problem Solution.
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The importance of display or LCD.

Nokia 105 display is the most important part of a mobile phone. We can not imagine a perfect or usable mobile phone without Display. We can watch all of the internal performances of a mobile phone on the display. We can change or select multiple options by the instruction of the display.Nobody can use a mobile phone without display. We can send-receive messages. we can see notifications. We can be conscious about any kind of illegal or bad activities. So we can do everything depending on the display when we need those. But we can face many kinds of the problem if display been damaged. During that moment we can not watch or operate a mobile phone easily. It a very unwanted to every phone user.

Some of the problems are given below.

  • Phone switching on white display or LCD.
  • Display or LCD does not show text or wallpaper.
  • Display or LCD shows multiple black lines.
  • Abnormal colors blinking on the display.
  • Display or LCD shows negative activities.
  • We feel uneasy operating the mobile phone.

Samsung A300H if it does not work 100% then flow my solutions that are given below.

Samsung A300H/ Hardware Solution:


Samsung A300H





Several Reasons of Problems.

  • Display or LCD can be damaged when it falls from hands or higher place.
  • When somebody throws his/her mobile phone.
  • Water or drop of rainwater can damage display or LCD.
  • wet Weather or moisture can be damage display or LCD.
  • Bad or non-band charger can damage display or LCD.
  • Burning from fire or flammable thing damages LCD.
  • Highly pressure occurs display or LCD damage.
  • Unexpart or children can damage display or LCD.
  • Electric short circuit occurs display or LCD damage.

Display or LCD Hardware Solution:
01. At 1st ensure that your phone has valid or usable firmware or software.
02. If your phone does not have valid software then reflash it.
03. Switch off your mobile phone properly.
04. Rehot Or Change display or LCD IC.
05. After few minutes switch on your mobile phone again.

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