Nokia Lumia 535 USB Charger Problem Jumper Solution

Nokia Lumia 535 Cable Pinout or USB ways For Flashing.

Nokia Lumia 535 USB Cable Pinout or USB ways or use jumper ways guide.

What is USB?

USB means Universal Serial Bus. Every mobile phone or device has a USB or USB port.There are many uses for USB or USB port. We use USB to charge our mobile phone or device usually.A phone user can connect OTG to this USB port. OTG is a kind of USB cable. Sometimes you can use the USB or USB port to flash your device. Usb port or  Ways is needed to connect HWK Box, ATF Box, China flashing tools with a computer. Some of the devices have no USB port. you have to make a jumper from test point there.

What is happening without USB or USB ways?

  • We can not connect charger normally without USB.
  • You’ll suffer the charging problem.
  • The device users cannot connect OTG USB cable.
  • The phone won’t connect to the computer.
  • The laptop can not get connected to the phone without USB.
  • After all, you can to flash the phone or device without Universal Serial Bus (USB).

USB Pinout Solution Here Below- Nokia Lumia 535


Nokia Lumia 535

ASUS Fonepad 8 USB Cable Pinout or USB ways For Flashing.

  • I would like sharing the information with all of you.
  • I want to discuss the matter how to root or flash Nokia Lumia 535 USB or USB jumper ways.
  • Take a USB data cable and cut its head side carefully,
  • then you’ll notice 4 different wire or multi-color cables. You have to solder those like below photo.
  • SO follow the instruction as like as the photo that is given below.


Nokia Lumia 535 USB Cable Pinout For Flashing:

Pin Name Cable color Description
  • 01 VCC Red +5 VDC
  • 02 D- White USB Data –
  • 03 D+ Green USB Data +
  • 05 GND Black Ground

NB: After waiting for a long time our expert team invents this USB solution finally. It is tested solution also.Please cut the USB cable carefully and try this solution at your own risk. Because our team is not responsible for any kind of unwanted damages.

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