Nokia 501 No Network Problem Ways Solution

Nokia 501 No Network Signal Problem or Signal Ways repair solution.

Nokia 501 No Network Signal Problem or network coverage or no network Signal Ways repair solution.

Importance of network signal or network coverage.

The network is a complex invention of modern science.This complex network makes our everyday life simple.
The network is the biggest side of the mobile phone or telecommunication at present.
The mobile phone is useless without network signal or coverage. The network can be damaged at any time.
By repairing network coverage or signal we can use the phone 100% problem free.


Some of network or network Signal (coverage ) problems.

We can not make phone calls.
We can not connect the internet line.
A phone call can be dropped again and again.
The user can see a notification message named “No Network”.
We notice full net signal but the message cannot be delivered.
The phone takes a long time to show 3G or UMTS or H+ coverage or signal.
It is very tough to converse with each other for the network problem.
The battery can be discharged quickly searching the network long time.
You can’t listen to the voice of other users clearly.
You can be helpless at an emergency time for this network/coverage problem.

Hardware Solution: Nokia 501 No Network

Nokia 501 Network

Several reasons for Network Signal Problem or network coverage problem.

Water or oil happens Network Signal Problem or network coverage problem.
This problem happens when the device dropped from platform or pocket.
Faulty or damaged network IC can happen this problem.
Corrupted firmware or flash file happens network coverage problem.
If you flash your phone without net or PM file, you’ll face network coverage problem.
Network magnate can be short and happen this network coverage problem.
If you disassemble the phone and reassemble it carelessly, you’ll face this network coverage problem.

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The solution of Network Signal Problem or network coverage problem.

Switch your mobile phone off by pressing the power button.
Disassemble your phone carefully by using quality tools.
Clean around the network magnate ways with 100% pure cleaner.
Clean the whole motherboard if you can.
Solder network connector if its possible.
Apply hot air to the integrated circuit (IC) if it’s possible.
Wait for a while & assemble your phone again.
Switch your phone on and check network signal or coverage.
I hope it will work 100% successfully.

You can take 2nd step.

Flash your mobile phone with a valid software & a valid net file.
You can repair network by flashing tools.
Restart your phone & enjoy/use problem free.

Nokia 501 No Network Problem Solution. Nokia 501 Network Problem Jumper Solution Fix

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