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Nokia 225 Keypad Problem Jumper Solution

Nokia 225 Keypad Ways or Keys Jumper problem Solution.

Nokia 225 Keypad not working or Keypad Ways or Keys Jumper problem tested Solution.

What is the keypad?

The keypad is the most important side of features phone. We can not think a features phone without the keypad.
That type of phone can operate with the keypad. The are several keys on the pad that’s why we called it keypad.
We input digit or command from the keypad anytime. Wc can switch on or off the device by keypad.
The keypad helps us to make or to receive a phone call. We play games with the help of the keypad.
But the keypad can damage anytime anywhere or you can face the keypad problem suddenly.
There are several reasons for the keypad problems. It is not easy to find out just a single problem.
You have to take necessary steps to the keypad problem. Please follow the instruction of my website and get 100% problem free.Enjoy and lead problem-free life.

How does the keypad work?

The keypad is connected by a ribbon or some connectors with the CPU IC.
it sends commands when we press any key to use our mobile device. Every phone has a keypad IC.
The IC help the keypad for a better performance. Its a combination of key, pad and IC.

Hardware solution Here-Nokia 225


Nokia 225

Nokia 225 Keypad Damage Jumper Solution

Nokia 225 Keypad hang on problem solve

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Several problems of the keypad.

The device takes a long time switching on/off when we press the key.
You can not input any Digit.
We face problem making or receiving phone calls.
The phone shows any king of digit without pressing keypad.
The device makes a phone call automatically.
We can not play games properly.

Several reasons for the keypad problem.

Water or wet hands damage the keypad.
Oil or lube can damage any side of the keypad.
Highly pressure happens it.
it happens to children or unexpert person.

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