Lumia 535 Mic/Microphone Ways Jumper Solution

Lumia 535 Mic/microphone Problem Jumper solution manually by jumper

hello guys.I’m going to tell about Lumia 535 Mic or microphone, Microphone is an important part of any mobile phone. it’s used for sending and receiving sound or voice. You cannot talk or send a voice message with mic or microphone from any Mobile phone. Even you can’t record any kind of voice or audio clip.

Changing  Lumia 535 Mic is very easy, its soldered on phone if you want to remove it and replace a new mic or microphone, you have to set or placing the new microphone as same way of old mic.if you break or damage any point of microphone connection, Don’t worry because I am giving diagram below to Easy your task.

Lumia 535 Mic / Microphone Hardware Solution

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Hardware Solution: 

Lumia 535 Mic


Reasons that why microphone doesn’t work.

A lot of reasons are available that’s why Nokia 105 Mic microphone doesn’t work properly.
so we are giving some main reasons of those problems.

Water damage or dropping water on the phone.
moisture (natural problem or weather problem)
throwing or suddenly drop from hand.
jam of dust in mic hole.
Damage prints or mic way.

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