Lenovo A1000 Display/LCD Light Problem Ways

Lenovo A1000 Display/LCD Light ways or backlight ways jumper solution.

Lenovo A1000 Display/LCD Light ways or LCD jumper solution or LCD light not working problem repair solution.

What is LCD backlight or what is the importance of LCD light?

Lenovo A1000 Display/LCD Light or backlight is an important part or side of a mobile phone. Nobody can use a single mobile phone without light or display backlight. Without backlight or LCD light, a phone performs like a blind person. Even without light, you are also blind when you want to use or operate it. Backlight or LCD light supplies necessary light for the display of a mobile phone. We can call it brightness also. We watch nothing without light so we can not watch settings or options without brightness or display light of a mobile phone. There are several bulbs or light points beside of the display. LCD light or backlight or display light can be damaged or affected anytime. Mobile phone users feel uneasy during this time. it is a very unwanted problem. We should change or repair the display to get rid of this problem.

Several problems of LCD light are given below.

  • 01. Without available brightness Mobile phone switching on.
  • 02. Users can not read messages or notifications easily.
  • 03. We can not watch settings or options clearly.
  • 04. Nobody can use the mobile phone in a dark place.
  • 05. We can not raise the brightness level when we need it.
  • 06. We can not understand who made a phone call.
  • 07. Even we can not make an emergency phone call.
  • 08. Sometimes the LCD light blinks automatically.
  • 09. Users show abnormal colors on the display.
  • 10. Everybody feels boring using the mobile phone.

Hardware Solution- Lenovo A1000 Display/LCD Light


Lenovo A1000 Display/LCD Light Problem Ways

Several Reasons for LCD or display light Problem.

  • 01. Display light or LCD light can be damaged or affected when it falls from the pocket or higher place.
  • 02. When somebody throws his/her mobile phone speedily.
  • 03. Drops of rainwater can damage display Backlight or LCD Light.
  • 04. Highly pressure on the mobile phone can damage LCD light.
  • 05. Faulty lights can cause this problem.
  • 06. This can happen because of loose ribbon of LCD light.
  • 07. Faulty LCD light IC can happen this type of problems.

Display light or LCD Light problem Hardware Solution:

  • 01. Switch your mobile phone off.
  • 02. Disassemble the mobile phone.
  • 03. After that If you notice water damage or rust then clean whole board with 100% pure cleaner.
  • 04. Apply hot air carefully for few minutes so that it can be dry.
  • 05. Replace faulty LED light.
  • 06. you can check LED light ribbon.
  • 07. if you find any fault of reborn then solder it carefully.
  • 08. you can change LED light ribbon if it possible.
  • 09. otherwise, you can make LCD light jumper with 100% copper wire.
  • 10. Reassemble mobile phone & it will work 100% problem free.

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